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Colin Jarrett

It is a commonly held belief that the two most stressful events in life are a family bereavement and moving home. Whilst it is not possible for us to assist with the former, we can certainly help to remove much of the stress that clients experience with the latter.

Born in 2001, Easymoves was the brainchild of Managing Director Colin Jarrett, a veteran of the logistics industry. Together with fellow Director John Lane, the pair had over 50 years’ experience within the global transport and logistics sector and had successfully implemented solutions for some of the worlds’ major brands.

Between them, they realised that the home removals sector was, for the most part stuck in the past. They decided that customers deserved a more modern, up to date and cost effective service that catered to their needs. It was clear to them that domestic homeowners and tenants should be provided with the same levels of service and consideration as demanded by business users. This meant providing a service that was flexible enough to enable clients to pick collection and delivery dates and times that suit them, regardless of whether they are moving a full load or a part load. This is achieved by running regular departures between Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. The result is the fastest part load removal service out there with even the smallest of consignments achieving transit times of only 2-3 days. Most other companies quote transit times of 2-6 weeks on their part load services. In the case of full loads, most are delivered on a next day basis and it is not unusual for our removal teams to arrive at a clients’ new home before the client does!

John Lane

After thirty years of experience in the field of international logistics and specialised international removals, Colin says he knew that the moment was right to offer a low cost alternative in the market. “There was a real need to deliver a quality service to the client, but at a reduced cost,” Colin says. “Since we founded the company, we pride ourselves on being the fastest part load specialists, and we have established a reputation for efficient and cost effective moves throughout Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

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“We operate our part load system seven days a week, including bank holidays, which allows the client total control and flexibility and freedom to choose specific days that fit with the client’s moving plans,” he says. Meanwhile, Easymoves also provides an international full load removals service that Colin says is just as quick and as flexible as the part load service, with competitive prices and guaranteed collection and delivery dates. Of course, these are tough times for Ireland economically, and Easymoves has seen an increase in emigration and a decline in immigration into the country. Surprisingly, however, local inward traffic is still 50 per cent of the company’s business. “The economic boom and subsequent decline in Ireland has seen massive changes,” Colin says, “but we still see opportunities here, and we are managing to retain our market share.”

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Una McNeil

Here we are some 19 years later and pleased to show you that we are still totally committed to our original principles of providing a quality, friendly and cost effective service.

Easymoves owns the European trademark for Easymoves